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Employment Law Attorney in Burlington and Lakeville, Massachusetts

Attorney Mason also practices employment law. He has not only successfully litigated employment cases for clients but has personal experience with difficult employers in a wrongful termination.  He has plenty of hands on experience dealing with unions, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, union arbitration proceedings, and state and federal courts. Losing your job or working in a hostile work environment can cause permanent damage to your health and family. Don’t wait to be fired to put yourself in a strong position to defend yourself in the workplace. For a low fee, Attorney Mason can offer sound solutions to protect you and your family as well as avoiding costly, time consuming litigation.

One of the favorite tactics bad employers employ is trying to set up an employee for failure. How does an employer do this? Giving you an impossible workload, reassigning work to other employees, taking away projects, not inviting you to regular meetings. Any employee has to be ready for this.

We know about union contracts, arbitration, labor-management, and particularly with the tactics employed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. State and local officials who are supposed to protect civil rights in the workplace often don’t. Attorney Mason is familiar with FMLA, Massachusetts Civil Rights laws, and can help you get unemployment.

Not only have we appeared in federal and state court, we know how the MCAD operates. Sometimes, even labor unions, do not provide its members with any kind of protection. We’ve been retained by officers of labor unions who do not trust their own unions. Our affiliates can have the ability to litigate. We can help and we don’t charge high fees. Call Massachusetts employment law attorney Thomas Mason if you are in trouble and need help.



For a free consultation, contact Attorney Mason at 508-923-9814 or 781-238-0260 or at [email protected].In Greater Boston, we serve Lexington, Burlington, Woburn, Winchester, Arlington, Waltham, and Bedford. In Southeastern Massachusetts, we primarily serve Lakeville, Middleboro, Bridgewater, Taunton, Freetown, Carver, Plymouth, New Bedford, Dartmouth, and all of Southcoast, the South Shore, and Cape Cod.